Dicotomía del Instante -Zuleiva Vivas- (Ingles)

The representation of pairs of opposing complementary forces, are recognized in the history of mankind since the Bronze Age in ancient China. A well known  example of this, is the yin and yang, two concepts of Taoism that expose the duality of everything in the universe. It describes the two opposite and complementary fundamental forces, which are in all things. Under this premise, the yin is the feminine principle, the earth, darkness, passivity and absorption;  and yang is the masculine principle, the sky, the light, activity and penetration. According to this idea, every being, object or thought has a complement of itself that depends for its existence and which in turn exists within. It follows that nothing exists in a pure state nor in absolute stillness, but a continuous transformation. Also, any idea can be seen as its opposite when looked at, from another perspective. In this sense, the categorization would be for convenience only.

Our approach to Fiallo Gloria’s work reminds us of a pictorial work based on the reflection on the opposite, wanting to understand that these are nothing more than appearance. It sees the artist work, taking duality as a whole, that appears to us in infinite series, where emotion is the thread that weaves the variety of frames. On this way of though is impossible no to  remember Heraclitus, who in his philosophy attributes the origin of the world to discord, to the annoyance, and makes the identity of opposites at the very beginning inevitable. In his mind there was no absolute division between opposites, as in the pictorial series of Fiallo, it seems that her focus is on getting to harmonize opposites. There is not free her diligent search for a fine selection of fabrics, textures, resins, pigments and paints, which consists in wallets and contrast media. Inevitably for it to be in the moment and the emotion that it unleashes. Baptizes each work from this encounter. We all attended a meeting development denoting full freedom of artistic expression. The themes and means used for several decades of uninterrupted production speak of a work where every series of knowledge, the handling and contrast of forms and understanding the endless combinations between content, color and contour reflected which manages to give an identify to each piece with a title that borders the conceptual poetry.

Fiallo builds her story line with rigor and discipline maintaining the need to achieve objectives with an unconscious discourse. This duality makes it by dialogue from abstraction and figuration. There are no limits on the route that has drawn from her as an artist. Its cheat when drawing and blur cloth or tissue, substance and content,  manages to keep spinning before our eyes an infinite range of emotions, times, spaces and memories that appear to us trying to make us understand the dichotomy of the moment.


Zuleiva Vivas


November 2015