Dicotomía del Instante -Museo de Bellas Artes- (Ingles)

Gloria Fiallo (born in 1955, San Cristóbal, Venezuela) a training architect, engraver and painter, has created a number of works with a visual approach different than the rest of her other work, while maintaining the use of the same industrial elements for the development as a constant of her plastic inquiries.
The essential of this series, is the double interpretation of a same fact of reality, which, presented as diptychs, bring a new reading.
Through the use of constructive provisions and square formats, it feels in her paintings links over a faced duality and at the same time an independent one. Everyday situations reflected by the creative act, which manages to baste opposites, individuals and communities in an artistic quest. In this way, combines discordant aspects, elements and representations apparently dissimilar in harmonious conversation, in which it is appreciate a line-based compositions, based on squares, geometric and organic forms that accompanied with suggestive titles are able to refer new and various relations according to the emotion of who enjoys them.
The works on display, are dominated by the use of different materials, textures and finishes, made with resins, adhesive tape on plastic canvas, pigments and acrylic on various stands of fabric that are usually used for other purposes; however the artist has incorporated them accordingly in her creative proposals.
The Museum of Fine Arts, in its mission of projecting and to publicize the artistic values, shows a series of works as part of the exhibition of Gloria Fiallo in its spaces. Dichotomy of the moment contributed to promote the enjoyment, the sensitivity and the approach to the Visual Arts with a sense of belonging and identity

Caracas Museum of Fine Arts